FE – atomic no. 26 (2017)

Site-specific five-channel sound installation at Maskinhuset in Grängesberg, Sweden. A collaboration with Alexandre Saden, Eleanor Turnbull, Helena de Pulford, Kirsten Bertelsen, and Sara Elggren.


Documentation by Wizworks Studios.
Further information about the project can be found here.

New Rosettas (2016)

Mixed Media Installation
Dimensions Variable

Documentation from the exhibition New Rosettas at Stockholm Public Library 2016. 

Documentation from the exhibition New Rosettas at Alta, Malmö 2017.

All Waves Are the Same (2015)

All Waves Are the Same (2015)
Colour filters and fabric
234 x 129 cm

Unfolding the Tesseract Using Trees (2014)
Drawing, graphite on paper, plexiglass
50 x 60 cm

Mer sant (2015)
3D print of a Calabi-Yau manifold
15 x 14 cm

21x21x21x (2015)
Wood and glass
21 x 21 x 21 cm

Unfolding the Tesseract Using Cubes (2015)
Clip board, paper, 184 wooden cubes and lenticular plastic sheet
47 x 32 cm

Adding Dimensions (2014)
Video loop, sound loop and a plastic board
Dimensions variable

I Don’t Recognize Your Edge (2015)
Six plastic film cut-outs of Calabi-Yau manifolds
23 x 24 cm each

Curled Up (2015)
Birch bark, lenticular plastic sheets and rubber bands
Dimensions variable

Documentation from the exhibition All Waves Are the Same at Galleri Pictura in Lund.

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Adding Dimensions (2014)

Video loop, sound loop and a plastic board
Dimensions Variable

Video documentation of installation for Liljevalchs Hubb Open Studios 2014.

Animal Spirits (2014)

Animal Spirits – Bergtagen (2014)
Mdf, filler, plastic padding, screws, glue, deckchair and fans
Dimensions Variable

Animal Spirits – Phillips Curve (2014)
Ink on newspaper
65 x 46,5 cm

Animal Spirits – Economic Confidence Model (2014)
Ink on newspaper
65 x 46,5 cm

Animal Spirits – Supply and Demand (2014)
Ink on newspaper
65 x 46,5 cm

Documentation from the duo exhibition Animal Spirits/Things and Time with Erik Kihlbaum at Galleri Box in Gothenburg, Sweden.


This Is the True North – part 1 (2013)

Jorun Jonasson and Lily Benson have been working together since 2010, researching and performing the political and geographic shifts of the North Pole. In September 2013, they premiered the first segment of this ongoing project at The Inter Arts Center in Malmö, Sweden.

The title of their work comes from a statement issued by a Canadian minister in a recent land dispute with Russia over Arctic territories, “This is the true north strong and free, and they’re fooling themselves if they think dropping a flag on the ocean floor is going to change anything.”



Belongings I-III (2013)

Belongings I
Drift wood, wood, firewood and felt
110 x 90 cm

Belongings II
Bricks, ice gel, wood, firewood and felt
80 x 80 cm

Belongings III
Sand, wood, firewood and felt
90 x 80 cm

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Av ett annat slag (2011)

En skog
Found pine, birch and aspen wood, 23 elements
Dimension variable

Tänk dig
Stainless steel bucket, water and found tree trunk and birch
30 x 32,5 cm and 31 x 38 x 32,5 cm

Metal wire, pine cone, cotton string and hook
Dimension variable

Found stones, mortar and screws
Dimension variable

The probable connection between the pieces in the exhibition Av ett annat slag

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IMAGO (2011)

Booklets (Maxi & Schnute, Dance, The Bear woman, Tendencies), diary, letters from Franz Kafka, hair, a bear’s tooth, a string mute, bark and bullet casings

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Under konvalescensen (s)/ Under konvalescensen (a) (2010)

(s) First day of exhibition: Moving boxes, table, chair, pencil, pen sharpener, eraser, diary, pins, cupboard, mattress, sheets, blanket, carpet and lamp.

Last day of exhibition: Diary, pencil, eraser, letters, cupboard and keys.

(a) First day of exhibition: Desk, chair, typewriter, envelopes, paper, photograph and painted mirror.

Last day of exhibition: Desk, typewriter, typewriter ribbon, chair and mdf-boards.

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